September 29, 2008

Thats It Folks!

The last contact has been worked! May we thank all of you who took the time and trouble to make contact with us over the last week. It has certainly been a time to remember and we have met a lot of people and made a lot of new friends. The weather could not have been better and although band conditions could have been better, with no chance to work 10m 0r 15m, we have still had 6000 log entries. Once we get back home we will upload the vast majority of photographs and the logs to the main website and put a few on this blog as well, its a shame our internet access was not as good as we hoped. So farewell to the wonderful Isle of Jura from all of us at Sands and Workington ARC but we have a feeling we may well return in the future.....


Brian said...

Good wishes,to all who worked so hard to enable you all to do what you did in the true spirit of Amateur Radio its a pity that the techybit let you down but never the less it was a brilliant result of teams working together
vry best 73 Brian G8RZ W.A.R.C.

Christine said...

Very well done all :) A great achievement from a fantastic part of the country.
I made contact on Friday evening after hearing you loud and clear on 80m. After only recently getting my foundation licence you were one of my first few contacts. Thanks for that. I learned a lot listining in.
All the best
Christine M6DMZ

Dave said...

Well done guys,glad you enjoyed your trip,managed to work you on 17,20 and 80m so looking forward to qsl cards.