September 23, 2008

First Day There

Its Been a busy 24 hours but we are finally organised! Virtually all the antennas are up now apart from the VHF Moxon. Antennas are as follows.

Nest of dipoles for 40/80/160m
40m 2 square
80m vertical
2 element Delta for 17m
Spiderbeam 10/15/20m
Dipole for 10m
Moxon for 2m/6m

Radios used are as follows..

Elecraft K3 (two of them)
Yaesu FT1000
Kendwood TS2000 (two of them)
Various other ones for mobile use

The gang comprises.....

Andrew G0LWU
Frank G8BME
Brian G0RDH
Paul M1PAF
Steve G0MTD
Mark M0WCR
Mike 2E0VMF

Already had over 200 contacts despite the late start and worked Falkland Islands and Ivory coast as well. Hopefully we will upload some of the log and some pictures to the website and blog later today. Oh and Mark M0WCR is convinced that Jura House is haunted but the whiskey may have had something to do with that!

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