September 10, 2007

80m Sprint Contests

The growth and popularity in the 80m Club Championship reflects a strong interest in domestic contesting, and the mid week evening short contest format is convenient for a lot of operators. After the final sessions of the Club Championship in July, there were comments that the start of the 2008 Championship in February seemed very far away.

Another comment that has arisen due to the increased participation in the events is that winning scores can now be produced by only calling CQ. In the very beginning it was necessary to search as well as call in order to maximise your score. Competition to find a frequency to call on is increasing, especially on SSB. To secure a spot to call on, some entrants begin occupying frequencies a long time before the contest begins.

To address both remarks, the Contest Committee has decided to run two Sprint style contests this October. These are 90 minute long, 10 or 100 watt, mid-week events, one on CW and one on SSB, in a similar format to the existing 80m Club Championship. The Sprint format requires stations to QSY if a contact was solicited on a frequency, and means that different skills and operating style are needed compared with a traditional contest.

Full rules can be found on the web site and we hope you will participate in these contests in October, and let us have plenty of feedback.

Dave G4BUO
RSGB Contests Committee

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Scot said...

Nice to meet everyone and a stellar blog as well. Sprint is catching on and I enjoyed the NS Ladder IV sponsored by the Northern California Contest Club. Thank you for providing a subscriber feed. My best 73 and hope to work your club in the near future.

73 de Scot, KA3DRR
Low-power, low-profile Amateur Radio Contesting @ 40-watts