July 30, 2007

Andrew at GB100J

Andrew G0LWU missed the IOTA contest because he is at the big Scout Jamboree, here is his letter to Sands

We only got power last night, after arriving last Saturday.

We have put up an awesome antenna farm, I will try to get pictures
back at some point. We have two tri-banders, one with 6 elements,
one on a three section mast the other on a 5-section. Dipoles for
40m, 80m and trapped dipole for all WARC bands. We also have 2 linears
PSK, SSTV, and SDR radio.

There are 10 antennas up in total.

Anybody wanting GB100J please email me with band/mode/freq/time.
We are operating with 40 operators 24X7 on all HF bands for about 10 days.

Hoping to get Swedish King in the shack (marquee) as he is a
scout and is licensed.

Met Prince William yesterday afternoon.

Back home about 9th August.

Regards to all.



Blog Contests said...

Andrew looks a shade old !

Anonymous said...

Nice one Andrew, you'll be like the little boy in the sweety shop with all that radio equipment to play with.

I look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back.... "Tales around the camp fire"

Thanks for posting the picture and information Linda.

Brian G0RDH