October 28, 2006

Interesting Conditions!

The first 24 hours of CQWW are nearly over. It has been an interesting time and very much different to last year. Saturday has seen a more laid back approach to the contest with emphasis being on working the multipliers rather than going for quantity of contacts . Highlights for today include Cocos Keeling Island (VK9), Nepal and Antigua. Plenty of South African and South American contacts. The score at 4pm was 100,000 points. Tomorrow will see us probably running on a frequency and using the multipliers to good advantage. All the bands, including 10 metres, have been open, with 15 metres a firm favourite. Unfortunately the rotator is now almost totally goosed and will need some serious maintenance once the weekend is over. Hopefully get the mast wound up in better weather tomorrow. By the way the Chili Con Carne was fabulous and we have left enough for the lads on the nightshift!

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