September 25, 2006

Going Great Guns!

Things are going very well so far today, we have over 500 qso's logged so far! Its beginning to look like a real antenna farm here. We have put up a homebrew 6m Spiderbeam and have loaded up a 9 metre SOTA pole which works very well as a 40m vertical. Everyone is in high spirits, the weather is lovely, the food is good and the beer is cool, what more could you ask. All this and lots of radio too!

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Anonymous said...

Beccy: Tnx for qso @ 1615 this date. Running a FT-100 at 75 w. into a gnd mtd vert. Surprised I didn't see a lighthouse on the map.Wx here abt 17 C. Looks like a great spot to operate and relax. 88 Dick KA8RAM