August 16, 2021

Sands Mid-Summer Meal at The Bridge Inn Tatham
As lockdown started to be lifted Baz G1JYB asked members if they would be interested in meeting together for a group MiD-Summer Meal at one of our favourite meeting places The Bridge Inn at Tatham now that lockdown has gradually lifted. The original idea was to eat out in the open air allowing us to isolate and all was going well with nice sunny days and sweltering hot temperatures but sadly the weather forecast for the day was against us predicting heavy rain and thunder. The Bridge Inn has some history behind it around in the English Civil War, originally a coaching inn built onto the side of an earlier cottage.
(This picture was found posted on Trip Advisor) The Inn is circa of 1744 when the King of England was George II. The cottage, now a dining room, was built circa 1642 in the reign of Charles I.
We gathered at around 6.30pm meeting for a short time in the Bar before moving to a private room solely for our use away from the general public.
Everyone made sure they were covid free before attending and tried to stay socially distanced in the bar area
Baz G1JYB had the forethought to check the weather forecast and although we were disappointed not to be able to eat outside felt as safe as we could be with the arrangements made.
Atfer everyone had gathered we made our way to an upper room that had been prepared for us to sit, socialise and enjoy a varierty of exellent cuisine. Kathy started the evening with an impromptu yoga class
Jonathan G7UBU and his wife Charlotte G7UBP joined us as guests
along with Eric G1YYD
This is the first event James M3APO has been able to join as a member of the group and he thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Andrew G0LWU enjoying the evening with Julie, along with Kathy M3YOG, Baz G1JYB (Pretending to be happy!) and at the top of the table Dave 2E0DTG.
Andrew was one of the first to be served with starters which he told us was delicious. If you would like to look at the menu please click here
James has a puzzled look on his face "Wheres the pineapple?"
However he loved every mouthful... James did wonder about upgrading his 8oZ gammon steak to the 16oz horseshoe steak with exra eggs etc. but was happy with what he had.
I opted for the Bridge Steak & Onion pie Home-made of course, choice pieces of British steak cooked in rich gravy. Topped with a puff pastry lid. Served with Chips & Vegetables it was delicious. There is nothing I enjoy more than dunking my chips in that rich gravy..... my only complaint is that its served in a round dish and theres is nothing more infuriating than chacing the last of the meat and gravy round the bowel!
Dave was looking forward to his Steak pudding, no ordinary pudding you understand, this was a giant one. (image taken from Trip Adviser)
(This image taken from Trip Advisor) It was a three course meal for those who wanted it finished with coffee and a mint chip chocolate. James and I had homemade apple crumble and custard, while Eric enjoyed something just as nice but a little lighter.
A good night was had by all as we enjoyed good food and each others company..... The night finished as predicted with a bang around 9:30pm.... The heavens opened with torrential rain and I got back into the Morecambe area we was treated to a lightening display around Morecambe Bay & Lancaster. At the time of writing this blog, lockdown has been lifted and Clubs are able to meet again with members able to greet, meet and exchange there knowledge hopes and asperations for the future.... I hope you have enjoyed the blog and it has given you the urge to support your local pubs and clubs whilst taking care to be safe and careful.........unless otherwise stated all pictures have been taken by me.... Best 73 Brian G0RDH

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